Thursday, February 9, 2012

Have Faith and Be a WINNER

Hello, For now on I am writing my Blog from my heart.

I prayed this morning for God's guidance and strength today and I had a terrific day.  I felt stronger and able to resist a few food temptations.  I feel that my weight loss journey is finally on its way to success.  With God as my guide, Anything is Possible.

I pray that my friends that need a little support will get a few circle of friends for moral support and for their main support, Lean on God. 

I am finding strength too by reading something inspiring to help me through my day.  I am really loving this book I am currently reading  called "Angels Everywhere, Miracles & Messages" by Lynn Valentine.   If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. 

I wish I had a Treadmill.  My old Treadmill finally broke down and is no longer working.  I want a Treadmill so I can build up to running a 5K.  That is one of my goals is to Run in a 5K.  First things first, I have to got to get my bills caught up and in order before splurging and making a new purchase of a Treadmill.  I have to make do with the equipment I have on hand.  I love my Elliptical Machine and Total Gym.  There are other issues in my life that are a little crazy right now, but with God's Strength I know I will be able to get these issue worked out.  I have FAITH and know everything I am going through is just to help me become a stronger person both physically and spiritually.  No more thinking I am a Failure, because I AM A WINNER and God Loves Me! 

Even when things don't go my way, I am going to give Thanks for the great things in my life  and the many challenges that I may encounter.

Lord tonight I prayer for your HELP!  Please send me an ANGEL to help me to stay strong and succeed and do your work.  Thank You.

an-gel  n.  An immortal being attendant
upon God; a very kind and
lovable person; a helping or
guiding spirit

If your trying to lose weight like me or even change a habit that you don't want to do anymore.  Remember, God is only a Prayer away.  I believe he will be the one to help us stay focused along our journey.  I know now that God is on this Weight Loss Journey with me, I will be successful.

Lean on God -- He wants us to want him to help us.  Just like a best friend, God will never let us down he will always be there for us.


He will give His angels charge of you,
to guard you in all your ways.
--Psalm 91:11

Angels are speaking to all of us--
Some of us are only listening better.

Print this poem off and carry it with you!  READ IT TO YOURSELF WHEN YOU STUMBLE.


Today, I stumbled and once again
Was lifted up by an unseen hand.
What comfort and joy that knowledge brings.
For I hear the whisper of angel wings.
The guardian angels God send to all
To bear us up when we stumble and fall.
Trust Him, my friend, and often you'll hear
The Whisper of angel wings hovering near.
--Author Unknown

WEIGHT CONTROL TIPS:  (taken from "The Calorie King - Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter Book")  (There are 5 Tips)

 Tip #1 - Eat Sensibly
* Avoid fad diets.  Eat 3 sensible meals daily with adequate fruit and vegetables.
* Limit portion size.  Limit fats and high-fat foods, sugar soda and alcohol

Tip #2 - Exercise Daily
* Get active and exercise every day!
* Include muscle-strengthening exercises.  You'll lose more fat and keep it off.  You'll also feel and look better, and you can eat a little more!

Tip #3 - Reshape Eating Behaviors
* Be aware of eating habits and behaviours that lead to overeating.
*Also focus on social and emotional situations that lead you to snack compulsively.

Tip #4 - Keep a Food & Exercise Journal
* A journal helps you see exactly what you eat and drink, and how much you exercise. 
*An excellent motivator and proven weight loss aid and Keeps you honest!

(I have a Droid phone and use My Fitness Pal  App) (Look me up:  LoveyHowell1064)

Tip #5 - Arrange Moral Support
* Gain the support of family and friends.  Get extra professional help if required, from your doctor, dietitian, pychologists, exercise trainer or diet club.  BEWARE of family saboteurs who discourage from adopting a healthier lifestyle!   (I am using My Fitness Pal for extra moral support) 

Everyday, do at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise. (even if in 5 minute segments)

Before I sign off here I want to share this website I found in one of my SHAPE Magazines. Check this out. Has some really great 5 min exercise video routines you can do at your desk. I am going to try them when I take a ...break at work. I already started parking really far away from our Front Door so I get about a 5 min walk in. Everyday I have to go on our Post Office Run so I get to walk back and forth to my vehicle at least four times a day.
Anything is possible, just have faith that God will see you through everything.  No matter what happened today, tomorrow is a new day and a new start.

God believes YOU ARE WORTH IT!  So should you!!!

Remember, Have Faith, Believe in Miracles and never give up Hope. 
Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see!

Well I must sign off here for now, until next time my friends.  Take Care & God Bless.

Lovey (Gina) Howell

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