Sunday, February 5, 2012

In The Woods - There's a dream waiting to come true for you.

Well had a terrific weekend.  Boy time flys by when your having fun.  I hope everyone has a terrific week and all your dreams come true.  I managed to get my laundry caught up but was a little lazy on getting the rest of the chores done this weekend.  Saturday it was raining really hard all night and in the morning, so I slept in.  It's nice to stay home and relax.  I went down and checked out the pond.  Rain has brought it up a little, still need quite a bit to fill it up.  I relaxed on my front porch swing some Saturday and listened to the birds and the wind blowing through the trees.  It is so amazing.  Have y'all ever watched the movie Phenomenon this weekend while sitting there listening to the Whispering Trees reminded me of this movie.

INSPIRATIONAL READING:  (Taken from Minutes of God)
In the Woods 

I do not need a clock
In this green place,
God is my time
With His eternal face,
The trees are tall and strong,
The sweet birds sing,
And silence seems to smile
On everything.

The sunlight fills my heart,
It leads the way,
Like the finger of God
This summer day,
It's a beautiful world
I make my own,
Walking with God
In the wood alone...

Marion Schoeberlein

Sunday was a beautiful day, after church I met with Christina, she is over the Youth Ministry.  We discussed getting the Puppet Ministry started at our Church.  I am very excited that I will be involved with this ministry.  When I was young I was involved in the Puppet Ministry at the Church I attended while int he Youth Group.  This has such great potential to reach our young children.  Not to mention spiritual growth for the Youth that will get involved as well.  Please pray for us, that God will give us the guidance to do his will.  Thank you.

Now regarding my Weight Loss.  I have been doing alright by eating the right foods and drinking water.  But I have been more on my computer than working out.  I have got to find some kind of balance so I can get somekind of workout everyday.

Great Sign.  Keeping the Faith is what I am really working on.  Here are a few helpful hints I read.  Keep on Keeping on.  Keep on Smiling.  ;o)

HEALTHY TIP:  (taken from January 2011 edition of Woman's World magazine.)
Forget pricey Botox and anti-aging creams!  All it takes to look instantly younger is a SMILE!  The proof:  Folks asked to guess the age of strangers in photos repeatedly thought those who were smiling were years younger than they really were.  As researchers explain, a smile makes you look upbeat, which we subconciously assocate with youth!

WEIGHT CONTROL TIP:  (taken from "The Calorie King - Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter Book")  (There are 5 Tips)
 Tip #1 - Eat Sensibly

* Avoid fad diets.  Eat 3 sensible meals daily with adequate fruit and vegetables.
* Limit portion size.  Limit fats and high-fat foods, sugar soda and alcohol

I eat 5 small meals.  Acually 3 Meals and 2 Snacks works for me.

A Moment for You:  (taken from January 2011 edition of Woman's World magazine.)

There's a dream waiting to Come True for You!
We all want one: a change that ranges from a smaller number on the scale to a bigger number in the bank to less stress, more love, a fresh start or a second chance.  Whatever you hope for the hardest can be yours, because you have what it takes to make it happen!
Anything is possible, if you just put your mind to it.  No wonder what happened today, tomorrow is a new day and a new start.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Well I must sign off here,  Remember, Have Faith, Believe and never give up Hope.  Get up, and Get Moving.

Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see!

Good night my dear friends,

Lovey (Gina) Howell

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