Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stay Positive

Well this morning I woke up at 6am, then turned over and slept until 7am.  (One of these days when I wake up early, I am going to get up and exercise.)  This morning Rick and I had to tow my vehicle to the auto repair center to get the fuel pump put on.  I was a little grumpy this morning because I felt guilty that I planned on getting up early and did not.  Then when I got in the truck realized was almost out of gas.  Rick was not happy that I did not get gas the night before.  Ooops.  But we survived and was able to get it dropped off at the shop and then he took me to work.

My work day was very productive.  At work I usually do very well eating healthy.  Its when I get home and relaxed I get a little reckless.  But tonight I made dinner and spent time with my husband.  Just when I was starting to get into LAZY mode I decided to go out to my studio and get a workout done.  I did a mile on my Eliptical for 30 minutes and got a 541 calorie burn.  I am really happy I did go and work out.  This weekend I am going to make my Weight Loss Jars with marbles, just another incentive to help me along the way. 

This sign says it all.  I am thinking of blowing it up, printing it and putting up in my studio.  It is very important to stay positive during your journey, even if your not feeling it.  Smile, its contagious and you will be surprised how better you will feel.  So Let's do it.

Remember make a commitment to change one thing a week and do it for 6 weeks and it will become a part of your routine.  Good Luck.

 Remember...Tomorrow is a new day, Get up, get moving, have faith, believe and NEVER give up HOPE.

Goodbye for now my friend, God Bless.

Gina (Lovey) Howell



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