Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spiritual Journey - Money from Heaven

Spiritual Journey - Today I begin my blog with an amazing thing that happened to me today.  First I wake up late, (that is not the good part), to my amazement my alarm was not even on.  I know I set it before going to bed.  This morning I heard "WAKE UP GINA!"  I sat straight up looked at my clock and saw it was 7:25 am in this morning and I am running late big time.  No one around, honestly, I don't know who told me to get up.  But I just said ok daddy I am up an moving.  I love you and miss you very much.  I truly like to think my dad is still here watching over me.  I was definitely a daddy's girl.  Anyways regardless who yelled at me to get me moving, I  had to get ready for work.   Got ready, fed my kitty cats, my doggy Daphne and proceeded to fix some turkey bacon to take with me so I had some kind of protein to start my day.  Yesterday my husbandhad  brought in the mail and sat it on the kitchen table, I told him I would open it all this weekend.  I just didn't want to open junk mail or more bills.  But one piece caught my eye, it was adressed to both of us, their was no return address either.  I opened it and low and behold their was a money order and a note that said, "Money sent from Heaven for a new Fuel Pump.  God Bless."  I was at a loss of words and begin to cry.  I was so excited and very happy.  See my car broke down in December before Christmas.  Found out my fuel pump  needed to be replaced.  I have had to drive my husbands truck (which is a gas gussler).  Things have been really rough and money has been tight.  Just trying to catch up on bills is very had when you get behind.  I just have not been able to come up with the money to purchase a fuel pump and then have to pay labor to have it put on my vehicle.  Just last week I prayed to God to please help me, I just need a little help.  God I am going to let you take care of this.  God is so amazing!  This was an answer to my prayer.  There are ANGELS among us on Earth they do things that help us along our spiritual journey.  God guides them and they help guide us.  This is just one wonderful experience I will never forget.  I know there will be many situations I will encounter in the future and I have FAITH God will guide me along my journey right beside me, if need be he will carry me.  I pray that each of my friends and family experience many blessings throughout your life.  God Bless.

REMEMBER:  Have Faith, Believe and Never Lose Hope!  God is only a prayer away.

A message to my Guardian Angel doing God's Work,  THANK YOU!


Thank you for reading,

Gina (Lovey) Howell

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