Friday, February 3, 2012

Say It Now

Hey Y'all.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  Boy I was glad today was Friday, now two days off.  I have got allot to do this weekend.  Get caught up on laundry and cleaning house.  Tomorrow is going to be a Me day. 
I am going to be working on a special project for my High School Reunion which I am excited about.  Going to work on it tomorrow as well. 
Today was very productive day at work, but I was so ready to get to this weekend.  Even though it is suppose to rain most of this weekend, (which I am very thankful for) I have several things to work to keep myself busy. 
This sign is wake up call for me.  No More Sodas.  I am a WATER Girl.  Love it nice and cold.  So if your still drinking Sodas or Colas, make the change to good water.  It's what our body craves.  So cheers, To a New Healthy You! 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP:  (taken from January 2011 edition of Woman's World magazine.
Secret to reaching your goal weight!
Cutting calories faithfully, yet success seems far off?  Blame subconscious weekend splurges, says the journal Obesity.  Less structure and more socializing on weekends makes us nibble more.  Solution?  Weigh yourself every Friday!  Seeing how well you've done all week makes it easier to resist Saturday and Sunday temptations!
INSPIRATIONAL READING:  (Taken from Minutes of God)
Say It Now
Why wait until tomorrow
 to tell someone you care?
For beyond the dawn tomorrow,
you my not find them there.
The past now lies behind us,
and tomorrow may not come.
We only have today, my friend,
to beat upon life's drum.
Friend, why not say, "I love you!"
to those that you hold dear,
For time is such a fragile thing
that death may soon appear.
Let others know you love them
so there's never a doubt.
The best time is now, my friend,
to try and work things out.
If you keep your love a secret,
it cannot multiply,
For love, when it's neglected,
begins to slowly die.
Go hug your wife and children -
Go shed a happy tear!
And love will pay grand dividends
each day throughout the year.
Clay Harrison
"I give you a new
commandment: that
you love one another as
I have loved you." 
John 13:34
The poem above is very special.  I hope each and everyone of you can find peace and happiness in your lives.  God  Bless.
HEALTHY TIP:  (taken from January 2011 edition of Woman's World magazine.

Tip to Add more JOY to your day! 

Got Stress - Erase Stress With a Phone Call!

Oklahoma State University researchers discovered that venting to a friend for a few minutes then switching to a more pleasant topic is the quickest way to burst a bad mood!  That's because keeping your emotions to yourself floods your body with stress hormones -- and getting them off your chest quickly lowers those hormone levels.
Well I must sign off here,  Remember, Have Faith, Believe and never give up Hope.  Get up, and Get Moving.

Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see!

Good night my dear friends,

Lovey (Gina) Howell

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