Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All the marbles!

I have been struggling this week.  I want so hard to be disciplined.  A couple of days of slacking is bringing me down and hurting my progress.  I go to work and do so good.  Get home and I just don't know what happens to me.  I am mentally tired and just want to relax and do nothing.  I have got to get a new game plan in place.  I am going to go to bed earlier tonight, get up earlier in the morning and try to get in a good workout.  I think I will do so much better exercising in the mornings.  I have drank some diet zero drinks these past two days.  Which is zero calories and not bad for me.  I really think it is a good diet drink.  But I feel  it would be in my best interest to just drink water.  I want to cut out the coffee but I am afraid of lack of the caffeine may make me drag a little or even cranky.  Oh we don't want that.  Seriously,  my niece told me about the Marble Visual Tactic. 

You need two jars or glasses.  One marked "Pounds to Lose" and the other "Pounds Lost"
You take marbles and count out how many pounds you want to lose and put them in the "Pounds to Lose" jar.  Every time you lose a pound you move a marble over to the "Pounds Lost" jar.  (vice versa if you gain)  Put it somewhere you can see it.  This way you will be more determined to turn away from the temptations.  Oh yea do not say DIET!  When I think of the word DIET it makes me want to binge really bad.  I know its Crazy to think like that.  So I decided to tell myself this is nothing more than a Lifestyle Change.  Make small changes in your behaviors, do them long enough they become good habits.

Yesterday I was at the dollar store and I bought my marbles.  I think this will help me allot.

I have been digging up old pictures for our reunion website.  They would like us to send our graduation picture (which I loved the size I was in HS) and a recent picture of us now.  (I am not liking this one)  It just shows me how much I failed over the years by not staying healthy and fit.  I know, boohoo.   I know that I got myself in this situation all by myself.  No one else to blame. 

Remember today is over, tomorrow is a New day to start fresh. 

Tomorrow I am using the "Money from Heaven" to get the New Fuel Pump put into my vehicle.  YEA!  I am thankful I have my husband's (gas gusseller) truck to use until I had the opportunity and money to get the Fuel Pump and get it put on my vehicle.

I am thankful for the following:  My God, life, health, church, job and the opportunity to choose to make changes to my life.

My motto, with God beside me I can accomplish anything as long as I put forth the effort and Have Faith, Believe and Never lose HOPE!  If we all stick together and encourage one another we will get through this journey successfully.  So get your marbles and let's get started.  Here's to a new Lifestyle change 

Thanks for reading,

Lovey (Gina) Howell

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